Enjoying homemade chip dip, sporting perfect hair & a string of pearls = Domestic Goddess in my books.

If you’re a little rusty in the kitchen, and tired of take-out, I encourage you to embrace your inner domestic goddess.  No, not vacuuming in yoga pants that make your butt look good.  Something much more exciting; dusting off your slow cooker!

This time of year I rely on my slow cooker for many many reasons….

First and foremost, I have two hungry and very active boys (*the only “Apple” device we have in our home is the kind that keeps the doctor away).  Tyler swims competitively (four days a week, plus dry land training) and Colgan maintains his love of soccer with indoor training practices.  Not to mention his time spent after school at the bike park, and various school sports.

Secondly, using a slow cooker is a fantastic excuse to use up many leftovers kicking around in your pantry and/or crisper.  Even if the recipe does not call for the lonely carrots hiding in the back of your refrigerator, or the potatoes that are starting to grow eyes that are mascara worthy – chop them up and toss them in.

Last but not least, I LOVE the fact that with a bit of chopping and the turn of a dial, I can embrace my inner domestic goddess and have a healthy, wholesome, home cooked meal ready for my boys upon their arrival home from school, swimming or the bike park.  On a dime.

Here are six of my go-to slow cooker recipes – one for (almost) every night of the week!

From My Happy, Healthy & Very Busy Kitchen to Yours, Enjoy!

*click on each title for link to recipe*

Creamy Salmon & Clam Chowder

Peanut & Beef Slow Cooker Stew

Curried Pumpkin Stew *Vegan*

Spicy Surf & Turf Squash Ragout 

Autumn Vegan Soup

Holiday Weeknight Slow Cooker Stew


Colgan, my soccer player and bmx’er. Active kids are awesome kids!


Tyler, my swimmer – working up his appetite at swim practice.